img_23893D bathymetric maps premium – is the highest class of our products consist of several layers of material which reflects faithfully further isolates, a layer of “soil” engraved laser topographic map area surrounding the area of water, and a layer of “water” that protects our work plate of transparent PVC laser engraved names of water reservoirs, bays, islands etc.

Layer “ground” can be engraved in wood or laminate, whose surface is metallized and can be gold or silver.

The whole twisted the screws with decorative nuts, which gives the product due rigidity and adds a characteristic, a marine look.

In addition, the layer of wood can be made by any engraving. wishes of the customer. Dedication, wishes, symbol or logo.

Normally maps are made in the size 59x29cm, but it is possible to create virtually any size, by combining the components.

In this version, in addition to the already available projects, we can create virtually any area of water, both lake and sea area (the bay, estuary, a fragment of the sea / ocean and surrounding islands).

around Wroclaw

Dargin Lake

Gluszynskie Lake

Rynskie Lake

Omin Lake

Kisajno Lake

Lanskie Lake

Wulpinskie Lake

Hancza Lake

Wuksniki Lake

Lake Plateliai

Jezioro Dłużek

Zatoka Gdańska

around Ostroda

Carlyle Lake

Jezioro Mamry

Malawi Lake

Chautauqua Lake

Lake Athens

Jezioro Lugano


Cape Cod

Lake Tanganyika

Jezioro Nidzkie

Sevan Lake

Pluszne Lake

Jezioro Ukiel

Orlowskie Lake

Jezioro Śniardwy

Ile de Re

Jezioro Wigry